Bionic Knee CLeg NCOnce 2011

The TV report shows a CLeg prosthetic knee that was installed on a patient of Dino Cozzarelli, CPO, at the company Prótesis Avanzadas. The report talks about the use of said prosthetic in the daily life of the patient, and of the fitting process for the CLeg knee performed by Prótesis Avanzadas.

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First electronic prosthetic knee in Central America

In this report from Noticias Repretel, we see Dino Cozzarelli show off a prosthetic leg outfitted with a C-Leg, that was fit onto a US based patient that lives in Atenas, Costa Rica. This prosthetic leg is the first of its kind in Central America and was configured by Mr. Cozzarelli’s company, Pró You can find more information about it at

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Prótesis biónica de brazo le devuelve la vida a paciente

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Physician was a victim of flesh eating bacteria and now lives life a different way

A physician, attacked by flesh eating bacteria while performing his duties at a local hospital, learns to live a different life with his newly fitted prosthetics.

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Making the country soar from the ground – Al Día Newspaper

Making the country soar from the ground – Al Día Newspaper

(extract from Al Día from Tuesday, April 12th, 2011)
Karla Barquero, colaborator

The court of the gym turns into seating, and from that position and with the help of their remaining limbs, they move around and score against their opponents.

This is about the twelve players that integrate the National Handicapped Volleyball team, whom are participating for a third time in the Paralympic Games, in November of this year.

Serves, passes and scoring are done from the ground, although some of them have lost feet, legs or arms, they all take advantage of their remaining limbs to play, and all of them have a common optimism and love for the sport.

Also, another similarity that they have is the reason why they were amputated.

The mayority, seven of them, lost limbs due to traffic accidesnts.

Such is the case of Orlando Castro, whom lost his leg and left arm more than eight years ago.

“I used to travel on a motorcycle from work to my house, when a young man with a stolen car and driving under the influence, impacted me head on”, remembered Castro.

On the other hand, three of his teammates owe their affiliation with the team to other illnesses.  Poliomyelitis, that attacked Filemon Cartin and Jesus Mejias; and cancer, that stole away Eladio Rojas’s right arm.

The other two team members (Édgar Solano and Carlos Castro) suffered an amputation due to accidents at his place of work.

Resources Urgently Needed

On April 27th this National Team will be sparring against Canada, but need resources to cover travel and living expenses.  If you wish to collaborate, call 8824-0070.


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Handicap Volleyball National Team

(Extract from Diario Extra)
Sharing with students from María Inmaculada and made a call out to society.
Continue reading “A LESSON IN LIFE AND SPORTS – Diario Extra” »

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Prosthesis gives mobility to children born without bones in their leg – La Nación

Child prosthesis

Child prosthesis

The specialist in prosthetics Dino Cozzarelli appears on this report for La Nacion that was published on Monday, March 14th of 2011, with a patient that presents this specific handicap.

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Infant helmets on Repretel, March 4th, 2011

Dino Cozzarelli, specialist in prosthetics, showing off an infant patient on Repretel by Teletica.

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Child prosthetic on Buen Día show from Teletica, February 23rd, 2011

The prosthetist Dino Cozzarelli from Prótesis Avanzadas, with a child patient on the program Buen Día from Teletica, on February 23rd, 2011.

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Casco para malformaciones en niños

Casco elaborado por el tecnológo en prótesis y ortesis, Dino Cozzarelli.
Nota del Periodista Manuel Sancho, de la Revista Buen Día, Costa Rica.

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