Prosthetics Service

Prosthetics is the design, fabrication and fitting of custom made artificial limbs for patients who have lost limbs as a result of illness, trauma or congenital disorders. These devices help to restore function as completely as possible to fit the individuals needs. This custom fit is an initial process requiring a high degree of skill, acquired by experience education and knowledge of current up to date technology. In many cases there is a preparation needed of the residual limb with possible temporary prosthesis prior to definitive prosthesis use.

The design and product use in the prosthesis is determined by the patients physical and functional needs as well as the their amount of health care dollar. There are appropriate choices in all price ranges and at all functional levels. Amputees generally need a new device every few years. The more growth or activity the more frequent the need for a new device. Adjustments, realignments and upgrading componentry are also aspects of ongoing treatment.

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